About Us

California Baking Co was one of the first bakeries in Souther California. It was established in 1964 with the name of "Balboa Baking Company". Then in 1993 the company's name was changed to California Baking Company, which it has held since.

Our Location History:

Between 1963 and 1991 our bread factory was located in University Avenue, then in Miramar between 1993 and 1997, and then in Point Loma until 2006. Finally in 2006 we purchase our own facilities and moved to Chula Vista, where we are located to this day.

Who we are:

California Baking Company is a major and very important bakery in San Diego county, specializing in baked bread products. Our products include a great variety of delicious breads to accompany your breakfast, lunch, dinner or any special event!

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Bread delivery service:

Our company operates over 28 bread delivery trucks servicing the San Diego and Los Angeles Counties. 

Our Customers:

We deliver bread to all types of business customers: From the smallest town delis, to small and medium restaurants, large restaurants, hotels, the US Navy, as well as wholesale distributors such as Sprouts and Costco Wholesale.


Our Team

Our team is composed of over a hundred people: including bread bakers, delivery drivers, mechanics, packaging personnel, administrative staff, and managers.