• California Baking Co - Chula Vista, San Diego Wholesale Bread Manufacturing
  • California Baking Co - Large-scale industrial Wholesale Bread Manufacturing
  • California Baking Co - Chula Vista, San Diego high end baking machinery for bread manufacturing
  • California Baking Co - Extremely efficient bread delivery to your deli or restaurant in Chula Vista, San Diego or Los Angeles
  • Wholesale Bread Manufacturing

    Established in 1964, California Baking Company is one of San Diego's biggest wholesale bread manufacturer.
  • Large-scale Bread Baking

    California Baking Company produces more than a hundred different types of breads, rolls, hamburger buns, bagels, ciabattas, and focaccias, using various recipes of white, wheat, rye, squaw, sourdough, pumpernickel and more in many different presentations!
  • High-end Baking Tools and Ovens

    Our company uses industrial ovens, various cooling rooms, large-scale and high-end mixing, forming and baking machines.
  • Deliveries to you 6 days a week!

    We're proud to be one of the biggest bread manufacturers and distributors for restaurant, delis and hotels in San Diego and Los Angeles Counties.

California Baking Company's Featured Customers:

Costco Wholesale - Business

Sprouts - Farmers Market

estaurant Depot - Where the restaurants shop.

United States Navy

"California Baking Co's bread quality, flavor, and price are an excellent choice for our taste and pocket!"